The Museum Putty

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The Professional choice for the professional VIP crew for securing valuable vases and toiletries during Take-off and landing and from breakage. 

Museum Putty is a neutral, opaque blended rubber used and tested by our VIP cabin crew, museum professionals and antique dealers as insurance against costly damage or loss. Its beige colour makes it excellent for securing opaque (as opposed to clear) items such as porcelain, plates, statues, vases, pottery, figurines, antiques, and collectibles. Removable, reusable, non-toxic, and suitable for use on wood, each packet contains enough material for 40 or more items.

It also simplifies dusting around delicate or fragile vases and is highly recommended for maintaining order on jets and yachts.

To use, take a small amount of putty and roll into balls or strips. Apply several to the bottom of the object, then gently press the object down on the display surface.

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