Take a Full Tour of Gulfstream's new G700 Aircraft

Our tour of the G700 cabin starts in the spacious galley before moving on through the new jets other four living areas. You'll see where passengers can work, relax and dine before settling down for a night's sleep in a full-size bed. The ultra-spacious cabin is well lit, either by the new model's customizable lighting system or naturally through its 20 supersized windows.

Top 4 Private Jets 2022 Between $50-$100 Million

Top 4 Private Jets 2022 | Between $50-$100 Million In today’s video we’ll take a look at the top 4 private jets on the market today that cost between $50-$100 Million.

These large and heavy business jets are not only capable of carrying more passengers, but also delivering the best travel and business experience in the air.

Bombardier Global 7500 Price: $73,000,000, Cost to operate per hour: $5,406.00

Gulfstream G700 Price: $78,000,000, Cost to operate per hour: $4,640.00

Airbus ACJ220-100 Price: $81 million, Cost to operate per hour: $6,000

Boeing Business Jet 3 (BBJ3) Price: $70 million – $97 million, Cost to operate per hour: $6,000

Gulfstream Unveils New G800 and G400 Jets

During an October 4 ceremony at its Savannah, Georgia headquarters, Gulfstream Aerospace announced two new additions to its family of large-cabin jets: the G800 and the G400. Work continues on testing its largest aircraft, the G700, which is slated to enter service later next year.

The G800, which will ultimately replace the G650ER as the airframer’s longest-range jet, stretches its predecessor’s—as well as the G700’s—range by 500 nautical miles, to 8,000 nautical miles. It retains the fuselage dimensions of the G650 line, while receiving a host of updates from the G700, including the Symmetry touchscreen flight deck with active control sidesticks, interior elements, wing, and Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines.

Scheduled to enter service in early 2025, the new G400 offers a range of 4,200 nautical miles and fills a niche held by the G450, which ceased production in 2018. It will be similarly appointed as the G500 and G600, but will have a shorter fuselage and a different variant of the Pratt & Whitney PW800 engine—the PW812GA.

Flying the Presidential VIP Boeing 727 Private Jet

Join me for a flight onboard the luxury VIP Boeing 727 (Super 27) used by celebrities and head of state. As a group, we chartered this jet to enjoy several low flying passes and a touch N go inside the Boeing 727!

The 2020 Super Luxury

The 2020 Super Luxury Private Jet Flying Experience. Imagine having the whole plane to yourself, without sharing with anyone!