Dupont Sontara Aerospace Grade Window Wipes - 25 Pack

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Dupont Sontara Aerospace Grade Window Wipes - 25 Pack 

DuPont™ Sontara® wiping products are engineered to be exceptional wiping tools. That’s why they are used around the world in key industries like aviation. DuPont's unique hydroentangling technology ensures that Sontara is highly absorbent, low-linting, exceptionally strong, and solvent-resistant.

Because Sontara fabric is continually washed during the manufacturing process, Sontara fabric is low-linting, exceptionally clean, and has the built-in strength of spunlace technology, making it extra-durable. In fact, Sontara products made with Sontara® fabric can handle the toughest cleaning challenges because they are so strong and resistant to wear and tear that they maintain exceptional strength, even when wet. They won’t fall apart when used with MEK1 , isopropyl alcohol, solvents and other cleaning agents, making them a very cost-effective cleaning choice.

  • Engineered with the advanced spunlaced technology of Sontara.
  • A very soft, low-linting fabric that is extremely gentle, yet durable enough to get surfaces clean.
  • Designed to reduce the potential of scratching sensitive acrylic, glass and polycarbonate surfaces.

DuPont Sontara Window Wipes are specifically qualified by Boeing under D6-49427 specification list for use during window assembly.

Includes 25 Sontara Window Wipes per package.

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