Bateel - Qahwa Gift Set

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Indulge in a traditional Arabic coffee experience with the Qahwa coffee gift set.

Revel in the taste of exotic and delicious Qahwa coffee.

Renowned for its unique flavour, this finely balanced, low-caffeine coffee is best enjoyed with Bateel's Qahwa coffee gift set. Arabic coffee does not include sugar as it is always accompanied by something sweet to nibble on, like our organic dates. 

It is traditionally served from a special coffee pot called dallah and the cups are small with no handle.

The Bateel Qahwa coffee gift set includes a traditional dallah flask, 3 Qahwa cups, 35g of cardamom spice, a filter and 190g Qahwa coffee a must have on all vip jets operating from the gulf region. 

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