Bateel - Flavoured Date Dhibs Mini Set 30g x 4

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Bateel - Flavoured Date Dhibs Mini Set

The perfect Arabian Infusion to your flight.

Discover Bateel’s healthy range of organic date syrups, featuring four unique flavours in a 30g mini set. 

The date dhibs commonly known as date syrup are crafted using premium Bateel organic dates, harvested using sustainable farming methods. This ensures only the highest quality dates are used giving an inimitable taste and flavour profile. Providing an all-natural alternative to refined sugar and sugar-based syrups, the date dhibs are packed with the powerful goodness from this superfood. With its high fibre content, this organic syrup is full of digestive benefits that helps promote a healthy diet.

With a silky texture and complex flavour, Bateel’s date dhibs are a premium offering that is truly unique. Enjoy a delicate blend of organic dates, with notes of fragrant spices and fruits. A premium choice, the Classic date dhibs is a delicious fusion of naturally sweet dates. The Vanilla variety uses floral Tahiti vanilla pods to complement the natural sweetness of dates. Aromatic and flavourful, the Cardamom offers a distinct and refined taste with notes of herb and pine from the green spice. A bold choice, the Passion Fruit is blended with fruity and slightly tart exotic flavour.

Bateel date dhibs mini set features four unique flavours in a 30g container. It perfectly complements coffee and tea or paired with your favourite breakfast dishes like French toast, waffles or granola. For an indulgent dessert, drizzle dhibs over ice cream sundaes to add a delicious burst of flavourful sweetness.

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