How to Save Champagne from Going Flat (5 Tips & Tricks)

How to Save Champagne from Going Flat (5 Tips & Tricks)
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You may often be left with an opened bottle or two of Premium Champagne after the welcome drinks during boarding. 

But you don’t want to let it lose its exotic flavours and fizz. A bubbly without those bubbles would taste pretty bland and should not be served at any cost. 

So how can you prolong the life of leftover Champagne?

Quick answer: You just have to slow down the release of the trapped carbon dioxide.

5 Smart Tips to Save Leftover Champagne from Going Flat

Here’s our list of top tricks to keep a bottle of Champagne fresh and fizzy after opening.

1. Use Reusable Cork or Champagne Sealer

The first thing you should do to prevent the CO2 bubbles from escaping the sparkling wine bottle is to reseal it as soon as you’re done serving it.

However, the original champagne cork may not effectively reseal the bottle as it could be damaged. 

Instead, you should use a reusable cork or Champagne stopper to keep leftover Champagne fresh and bubbly for days. 

An effective Champagne stopper creates an airtight seal that locks the pressure inside the bottle and stops the outside air from entering. 

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2. Keep it Cold

A colder temperature slows down the release of the CO2 bubbles.

You can either put your opened Champagne bottles in the fridge or an ice bucket between servings.

3. The Spoon Hack

Champagne lovers swear by this simple yet highly effective trick to keep their bubbly from going flat after uncorking.

The trick — just stick a metal spoon or fork in the neck of the Champagne bottle and keep it in the fridge.

Yes, it's that simple!

The refrigerated metal spoon keeps the bottleneck cold, creating an air plug that prevents the release of the bubbles.

Fun fact: There could be as many as one million bubbles in a standard Champagne glass.

4. Cover it With Plastic Wrap or Aluminium Foil

Sparkling wine, or any wine for that matter, will lose its freshness when subjected to temperature fluctuations. Changes in the wine storage temperature can quickly oxidize the wine, leading to flat champagne much sooner.

To prevent this, you can wrap the opened bottle of Champagne with aluminum or plastic foil. It helps insulate the bottle and maintain a constant temperature. 

Alternatively, you could just cover the bottle’s neck with aluminum foil to create a cold air plug, similar to the spoon hack.

5. Prep a Tasty Cocktail with it

Leftover champagne and sparkling wine is an excellent choice to make some refreshing cocktails

Remember Champagne, Cava, or Prosecco can quickly lose their taste and fizz after opening even quicker at cruising altitude, but with these hacks, you’ll be able to serve your bubbly as its a new bottle with every pour.