Vileda - Microfibre Colors 4 pcs

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Wiping and cleaning are the absolute essentials of aircraft chores.

With a bunch of different cloths and scourers for different surfaces, this can quickly turn into a tedious and lengthy task. The Vileda MF Colors multi-purpose cloth with microfibre to simplify everyday cleaning duties.

All you need is one set of Vileda cloths for wet and dry cleaning, suitable for multiple surfaces like laminate, windows vinyl in your Lavs.

Machine washable microfibre multi-purpose cloths have a highly-absorbent texture, which leaves no streaks behind after wiping, and quickly gets rid of stains, or dirt or grease on your aircraft. It cleans efficiently and thoroughly in both dry and wet conditions. Window cleaning, work-surface polishing or simple stain wiping – our helpful Vileda microfibre multi-purpose cloth combines all these handy functions into one single cleaning tool. The days of constant and annoying conventional cloth changing when cleaning chores are finally over. To help you organise your new set of cleaning equipment, the Vileda MF Colors come with four differently colors. This way, you can designate and distinguish them for different cleaning tasks without mixing them up accidentally. These cloths are durable, reliable and machine washable.

Get your own Vileda multi-purpose cloth with microfibre now and simplify your cleaning chores with enjoyable and fast-paced wiping, keeping your Jet shinning clean. 

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